Here's Dawsyn Eubanks, an actress who recently went on a first date with some unnamed person who's really not important to the story.

who put coal in my stocking

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The important part is that Dawson received a text from her best friend whilst on this date. "Why aren't you eating your food."


No question mark, because it wasn't really a question. It was more, "hey, I'm behind you, and I'd rather you find out from me."

How comforting.

Was the disguise necessary? Did the server say anything about it? Is that a printer in the background? We'll never know, and it's best not to ask too many questions here.


Wait, no questions. Although you must wonder how this actually helps you on a date.

It's just another viral tale from the dating world of Twitter. Somehow it didn't kill the vibe.


Someone adapt this into a sitcom.