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16 hilarious modern-day love notes to remind you to step up your game.

16 hilarious modern-day love notes to remind you to step up your game.


Writing a love letter is an art form. It used to be long letters full of flowery language, but in modern times, it's become all about getting to the point. Nowadays everyone mostly texts, so tangible notes on actual paper really mean a lot, especially if they're from someone who loves you and gets you. Here are 16 of the sweetest, funniest, and most untraditional love notes we've seen.

1. Ah, walking into poles while reading sweet texts—the epitome of modern love. (Via Reddit)

2. Roses wilt, but phones don't. (Via Reddit)

3. Hey, everybody loves bacon, right?! (From Imgur)

4. Personal boundaries apparently do not exist in this home, but the sentiment is nice. (Via Imgur)

5. And they say romance is dead. (Via Imgur)

6. Wow, love really does hurt. (Via Reddit)

7. Banana-shaming isn't cool, but a reminder that someone loves your penis is a nice thing to read. (Via Imgur)

8. Love is grand, but never downplay the true importance of fried chicken. (Via Reddit)

9. When someone loves you just the weigh you are. (Via Imgur)

10. The poem leaves something to be desired, but it's the thought that counts. (Via Imgur)

11. Second place still counts for a lot. (Via Instagram)

12. Some sweet words and a little candy can go a long way. The sweet words should preferably be about your lover, not yourself, but whatever. Candy! (Via Reddit)

13. Instead of flowers, just send pizza, the original edible arrangement. (Via Tumblr)

14. Hopefully this couple will never split up. Let nothing tear them apart. (Via Reddit)

15. When you dump the person of your dreams in your dream. (Via Reddit)

16. Taking neighborly love to a whole new level. (Via Reddit)

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