Hot tip: if you're looking to score a date with a millennial woman, your chances are better if you throw away that "Make America Great Again" hat and check out some feminist, anti-racist books. According to a new survey by Sapio, women between the ages of 18 and 40 listed sexism as their #1 deal-breaker when seeking someone to date or hook up with. Their #2 deal-breaker was racism.

I guess this is some bad news for young, single Trump supporters (at least they have their own dating site so the rest of us don't have to date them).

Intolerance is apparently a turn-off for men, too. Those ages 18-29 said their number-one dating deal-breaker was racism or intolerance, while men ages 30-40 said theirs was bad hygiene.

Dating preferences did vary somewhat according to people's sexual orientations. Straight women of all ages listed sexism as their biggest turn-off, while bisexual women said racism was the #1. And lesbians said their biggest deal-breaker was drug use.

Here's the whole list:


So that's cool that young women don't want to date sexist, racist jerks. Even though 42% of them still voted for one for president. Boy, bye.
Sources: Sapio