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12 bisexual people share their thoughts on the differences between dating men and women.

12 bisexual people share their thoughts on the differences between dating men and women.


As uptight notions and long-held prejudices about different types of personal sexualities erode, there seems to still be a lot of misunderstanding about bisexuality. Simply put, all it means is that a person is attracted to both men and women.

For some reason, people still have a hard time wrapping their heads around this, so some very patient and understanding people who identity as bisexual got on Reddit to demystify things, starting with the often funny and often NSFW differences between dating men and dating women.

1. Portarossa likes a soft touch.

Women are softer, physically -- not just with regards to, you know, boobs and stuff, but also just their skin in general. All that moisturising pays off. All you want to do is touch 'em.

I once dated a guy who naturally had absurdly soft skin, and it was weird but extremely pleasant.

2. Portarossa also calls out the dudes.

Men dating bisexual women are a lot more likely to ask for a threesome.

3. GreatAndPowerfulNixy sets forth the shocking notion that guys want to get laid.

Hello, I'm a bisexual man.

The biggest difference I've noticed is how forward you can be with sex right from the get-go. Dating and sex with a woman is a fucking dance, testing the waters to see how far you're allowed to go. Dating and sex with a man is usually "do you have a cock? Alright, let's get that shit in me ASAP homie".

4. LynxaBane puts it all on the table.

As a bisexual female this is what I've noticed.

Dating a Lesbian: The lesbian I was dating at the time pretty much wanted me to "forget" I also liked men and wanted me to be 100% into women all the time. It was unrealistic to say the least. I couldn't comment on actors or men in public yet if I said anything about another female it was all good.

Dating a Bisexual Woman: Pretty standard relationship was fun to talk about people we found attractive etc. Very experimental in the bedroom.

Dating a Straight man: Asked for threesomes alot but when I actually went to plan it, backed out. Not all that experimental in the room. Got SUPER turned on by the idea of me with another woman and SUPER jealous at the thought of another dude.

Dating a Bisexual Man: Pretty close to dating the Bisexual woman, just now the penis isn't made from silicone and there's no boobs :(

Something I learned overall: Every relationship people think because you play for both teams you are more likely to leave because you have double the options.

5. There's nothing wrong with riddley16.

The girls I've dated have actually been significantly quicker to tell me when somethings wrong. The guys I've dated bottled it in sometimes for a month before I even knew anything was up.

6. Aggressivecleaning is a clotheser.

The wardrobe that is doubled is a pro with women.

7. nomorerunning97 says it's sometimes harder to even get to the dating phase of the relationship.

Flirting with girls is so much harder (as a girl at least).

8. Come on, John-oc.

Bi guy here. After long periods of sex without ejaculation;

Girls - Is it me? Is something wrong? (Two days later) are you sure you're not fully gay?

Guys - no sweat bro... mind if I finish off and we grab a pizza?

9. Repulsia says it's sometimes about the journey, not the destination.

Women's kisses are completely different to men's. Sex with women seems less climax oriented.

10. throaway976285 shares, because he cares.

I pretty much round up to being gay now, but I've dated several women in my time. Beyond the genital thing, which never mattered much to me anyway, I think the biggest difference I noticed was how much thought women put into interpersonal relationships. At its best, my ex-girlfriends would be able to clearly and articulately express their feelings in a way that I, emotionally stunted man that I am, cannot. At other times I would feel bewildered as they found hidden meanings in things I said or did that I never intended. In my experience, men are more inclined to take what you say and do at face value and not think too deeply about other people's motivations or thoughts.

11. drunkersloth42 says that deeply-ingrained gender roles are a problem for everyone. Oh. Good.

I am a woman who has dated both men and women. Currently dating a woman. Dated more men in the past (But this probably has more to do with the numbers there will always be more straight men then women who date women).

by far the biggest difference was expectations for gender roles in the relationship. Pretty much all men I dated expected I carry the burden of the emotional work of the relationship and (If living with them) the house work. It is really not attractive when your boyfriend just expects you to be responsible for his laundry and remember birthdays/pick up cards/ make the shopping list/ tell him what chores to "help" with as if I turned into their secretary or mom. And the thing was they weren't even conscious of it! With the women I have dated it has been far more equal with actual discussions about these things. I mean all couples argue about chores, but it's nice when the default expectation that im responsible for it isn't there.

12. montelco would like to talk it out.

Anecdotally, with the men I've dated, things are always surface deep. When "What do you wanna do for dinner?" gets an "I don't care." it means just that as opposed to the girls I've dated that get pissed when you respond with "Alright, we'll just do leftovers then."

Also, disposition. The women I've dated will agree to going places or doing things even if they really don't like it. One girl I dated hated hummus but would try some anyway when I would snack on it. With dudes I've dated it'd be a straight up "nah."

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