This idiot cannot stop accidentally proposing to his GF and she's not happy.

This idiot cannot stop accidentally proposing to his GF and she's not happy.

Sometimes men do things we can't understand. It's not their fault. Their brains work in mysterious man ways. One lovable idiot, Reddit user sesto, keeps getting himself into situations that look like he's about to propose to his girlfriend, even though he's actually not. Why he thought this wouldn't seem like a proposal is beyond us:

Last week my girlfriend and I went on vacation in Stowe, Vermont. We decided to go for a walk. As we were walking, we came across this large open field with a stage in the middle of it.

ME: Oh they must have weddings here. This is really neat!

She points to a bunch of flower petals on the ground

HER: Oh yeah! Cool!

I start humming that classic wedding tune as we walk hand in hand down the field

ME: da-da-DA-DA da-da-DUH-DA!

We finally get to the stage, which is empty aside from two chairs and a small box.

ME: Woah, a ring box! Someone must have left it here.

I bend down to pick up the box. My girlfriend stands in COMPLETE SILENCE looking shocked. On one knee, with a ring box in my hand, I open the box facing my girlfriend to reveal-- an empty ring box

ME: See? Huh, too bad it's empty! Still pretty neat though.

HER: ...

I suddenly realize everything I just did and what it must have looked like

ME: Oh....Oh...Shit. Sorry.

HER: I hate you.

Oops. I ended up keeping the ring box was pretty neat.

Okay, it's an honest mistake. It could've happened to anyone. And surely this is the first time he's ever accidentally proposed to this girl, right?

EDIT: To make matters worse, this is literally the fourth time something like this has happened.


Time #1: Last Christmas I made her a DIY kit and individually wrapped all of the parts (yarn, glue, stamps, glitter, cards, etc...). I wanted her to open up the smaller gifts first because I was really excited about some of the big stuff. She asked me what she should open first, so I grabbed the smallest box I could find (it was just a rubber stamp...the size of a ring box) and jokingly said something like "I know it's what you've always wanted"...Oops.


Seriously, how are you coming into contact with so many random jewelry boxes?

Time #2: Our friend had just returned from the International Space University in France (it's a real thing). He graduated at the top of his class and they gave him a medallion in a jewelry box. I called my girlfriend into the room with the box closed and said something stupid and yeah...Oops.

Oh my God, you have to stop.

Time #3: My girlfriend started an etsy shop so I had a custom stamp made of her logo. I was excited to surprise her with it and ended up texting her the day it came in: "I have a big surprise for you when you get home!". When she finally got home I told her to close her eyes and put out her hand...Oops.


Honestly, just the fact that this guy and his girlfriend are still together after all of this is amazing. It must be true love. Here's hoping you get an actual proposal with an actual ring soon, girl.