Advice columnist destroys loser who whined about his Kardashian-loving girlfriend's 'intellect.'

Advice columnist destroys loser who whined about his Kardashian-loving girlfriend's 'intellect.'

Brian O'Reilly, a journalist and advice columnist for The Irish Independent, was recently horrified by an unbelievably smug letter he received from an anonymous man who couldn't decide whether he should propose to his girlfriend of three years. Although their relationship was going great in all the important respects (sex), he worried that she wasn't "intellectual" enough for him to make a full commitment. If that sounds obnoxious, wait until you read the way he described it.

Dear Brian,

I'm at a crossroads. I have been dating my girlfriend for the past three years and she is a cracker. Very personable, beautiful and without going into too much detail - it's the best sex I've ever had. (She very open minded & adventurous).

Recently she's been dropping a lot of heavy hints that she's ready for me to do the good thing and propose. A lot of her friends are hitched so I guess it makes sense.

We're a great match in almost every regard but recently I've become more and more concerned about the disparity in our intellect.

Like I said she's a great girl but not the smartest girl. She once asked me if Peru was in Europe, and she has no interest in or understanding of current affairs. The only thing she seems to read are inspirational Instagram posts and the Mail Online.

At first this wasn't an issue - like I said the physical aspect of our relationship overshadowed things and we are a great match in most ways- but it's becoming a cause for concern when we're with other people. Sometimes when we're out with my colleagues and people start having intellectual conversations I feel awkward because I know she's out of her depth.

I don't know what to do - on one hand I know she's a kind and beautiful person, but on the other hand do I really want to marry a woman whose mastermind subjects would be Made in Chelsea and the Kardashians?


The most amazing thing is that he clearly thought his question was totally resonably. As a professional advice-giver, O'Reilly could not let this pretension stand. He wrote this tool a reply so scathing, the entire internet loves it.

I'm going to lay this out very plainly. Dump her.

For her sake - because she needs to get as far away from you as possible.

The fact you acknowledge you're a good match and your only concern is that she might 'embarrass' you with other people means she clearly deserves so much better than you.


He also writes:

I'd be more concerned with dumping your friends if they're the sort who would judge someone for their interests of any perceived lack of intelligence.

Although to be fair to them, nothing in your email suggests that they have acted like this before or made any comments to you - it seems to be coming from you.

Why you are so concerned with what other people think of you?

His final conclusion is devastatingly blunt:


Let her go and find someone who loves her and isn't ashamed of her. She deserves better.

Head over to The Irish Independent to read O'Reilly's full response. It's totally worth it.