One Whopper-loving, two-timing philanderer is regretting his decision to open his big beefy mouth after he was called out for cheating in the comments section of a Burger King Instagram post. It all started on this image promoting BK's breakfast sandwiches.

Be the breakfast you wish to see in the world. #Repost @edgar4president

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Yum yum. Instagram user jordan_vonsmith86 saw the post, and thought it was a perfect opportunity to crack a joke about one of his girlfriends. But he didn't realize that his other girlfriend would see it almost instantly.


From there, things escalated very quickly.

Yeah dude, you always want to tag the other woman.


Many commenters suspected that this whole drama was a hoax.

Many of them made excellent points. The Instagram accounts of everyone in the love triangle seem pretty fake, with only a handful of followers each. Their avatars also look suspiciously like stock photos.

But in a bizarre turn, all of the commenters assumed that the hoax was being perpetrated by the Burger King himself.


It's pretty hilarious to imagine Burger King's marketing department sitting around a conference table, writing lines like, "You brought yourself into this you fat bitch." It seems much more likely that the hoax was perpetrated by some third party with a lot of time on their hands.

Then again, nothing Burger King does would surprise me. Not after they unleashed that horrifying King on the world.