BREAKING: Story on Internet may or may not be true.

The messages are green. That means he doesn't have an iPhone. You know who else doesn't have an iPhone? People who have Androids. Case closed! (via Twitter)

Two sisters apparently busted a cheating wife last week in the most Internet-friendly way possible. It all started when Brynn and Delana Hinson sat behind a couple at a Dodgers vs. Braves game at Turner field in Atlanta. They were taking part in the usual phone screen snooping that stadium seating allows, when they noticed the woman in front of them sending salacious text messages to someone named "Nancy," even though she was sitting right next to her husband, who was watching the game. The messages included the statements "I will be naked... laying on the ground" and "Mark Allen I lov [blocked from view] much." After taking a closer look, they deduced that the woman was texting a lover named Mark, who was hidden in her contacts as "Nancy." One of the sisters posted about it on Twitter, with pictures of the woman texting:

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