If you want to be with your dream guy or gal, you've got to take the risk of asking them out first, and that means probably getting rejected or dumped a few times along the way—and most of us are fine with that. Some people, however, simply can't handle the idea that this one person, out of the billions out there, is not into them. Those people are why first dates take place in well-lighted public places. We asked our readers to share their best stories of poorly-handled rejection, here are 13 of the best. Sorry if we didn't pick yours, please don't key our car.


1. Ruby wrote us a roller-coaster of a story. At first, she (and her friend) were the overreacting parties, but there was poetic justice for everyone involved. Except for Josh, who did nothing wrong.

My best friend "Jamie" introduced me to her boyfriend's roommate "Josh" because she thought we would hit it off. I thought he was really attractive. We went on one date, and I thought it went well, but then he started showing up in Facebook pictures with another girl. He stopped calling me and I was, unreasonably, pissed.

So, Jamie started taking Josh's toothbrush and scrubbing the toilet with it every time she went over to their house to hang out with her boyfriend, as a form of payback for me.

We thought it was hilarious and she would send me pictures of his toothbrush in the toilet with captions like "I just scrubbed the shit that's been crusted under the toilet ring." This went on for a few weeks, until one morning Jamie stayed the night at her boyfriend's and followed him into the bathroom the next morning to brush their teeth together.

In a hilarious twist of irony, her boyfriend then picked up THE toothbrush she had been using in the toilet and started to brush his teeth with it! She asked him, apprehensively, why he was using Josh's toothbrush to which he replied that his was the other one. She just let him continue brushing rather than expose what had been happening. However, it was poetic justice because she had been making out with the guy who was brushing his teeth with the toilet toothbrush.

A few months later, my friend learned that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. It was still gross and totally childish, but it did make her feel better about getting cheated on by him.


2. Hannah wrote us on Facebook with a classic entry in the genre: the guy who doesn't blow up right away, but has a slow, crying burn.

Dated a guy for about 2 months.. after the second date he proceeded to tell me that he loved me and a week later starting talking about marriage. I broke up with the guy and for 3 months after that, and while i was dating someone he'd show up at bars and sit across from me and cry WHILE texting me that I'm a bitch. People are great.

3. Ashley L. wrote us an email with a first for a reader story: she showed the (text) receipts.

Hello! I saw your facebook post looking for childish reaction to rejection stories. Mine was an all online/ text ordeal, and I thankfully never met the guy in person.

I had posted a personal on an alternative (yeah, that kind of alternative) dating website (in a section for curvier girls lol) and received a message from a pretty decent looking/seeming guy. It was all sweet words and flattery. We talked about our likes/dislikes etc and after a bit of back and forth, we ended up trading numbers.

The first text that I received from him was to inform me that he was going to call me....right that second!!! Without even asking me if that was ok or anything...and that he would be calling me from a blocked number from a different phone. I told him that I was a bit uncomfortable with that and that we should probably just continue to text. Without a word, he still called me...six times!!!

I did not pick up. I told him that I was uncomfortable with the situation via text, and decided that that was that...that I'd rather not continue talking to this person. After each rejected call he would send a text telling me to pick up...asking me why i was being so rude and childish...the longer i ignored the texts...the worse they became...from name calling to, well...slutshaming....body shaming...etc...about 15 texts in total.

From almost a complete stranger. I wasnt sure if i wanted to laugh or cry. I took screenshots of the last two texts that he sent me...just in case something happened...haha. Funny thing is....he flipped out over being rejected by a "fat girl"..he tried to tear my self worth apart...and I don't even remember his name.

Ashley L.

4. Cristina on Facebook wrote us our only non-romantic rejection story, but it's a great one.

HR lady here. A few years ago I rejected a candidate in his mid 40s who then had his mother call me. She told me I have no right to make her son cry and that I immediately hire him or else she will make sure that I have no luck in life. Ha?!

Didn't do it, and now I know it's her stopping me winning the lottery.

5. Elese wrote us an email with a reminder to always handle your breakups with musicians calmly, lest they Taylor Swift your ass.

I dated a guy for about six months and things just weren't going anywhere. When I decided it was time to end it I met him face to face to tell him I was breaking up with him. When I finished talking he basically just looked at me and said "No." A lot. Repeatedly. It was almost as if he thought, by saying "no", I wouldn't be able to "technically" break up with him.

I knew that we weren't going to get much further with the conversation so I decided to leave. As I was pulling out of his driveway I looked in my rearview mirror and he was just standing in his driveway flipping me off with BOTH hands. I rolled down my window and (through tears of laughter) just said "You're going to regret that." and drove off.

I'm a musician so that image of him standing in the driveway, giving me the double bird, was put to good use and inspired the "break-up song" I wrote.


6. Candice wrote us on Facebook with perhaps the most disgusting, but innovative, entry on the list.

Well I was seeing a guy, nothing serious because I had just split up with my husband. A few weeks into the new found friendship, my husband and I decided to reconcile (for the night lol) and new guy decided to come over and surprise me... He found my exs vehicle at my house and proceeded to vomit in my driveway. Then he went home and fired me off a really nasty email where he told me he vomited in my driveway, you know, just so I'd know it was him I guess? Well the husband and I didn't get back together and the new guy blew his shot at being my fall guy.

He is not ok.
He is not ok.

7. Look on the bright side, now work with one less alcoholic bartender?

Broke up with a guy I had been dating for 6 weeks and because he had been with the company for a yr and I had only been there 3 months I was offered a transfer because "he couldn't work with me". This was only after I defended myself against the rumors he was spreading for two weeks solid with the real reason we broke up (don't date alcoholic bartenders)

8. Mamie on Facebook wrote us a story that is completely shocking... except for the fact that there are a million guys like this out there and they're why people put "nice guys" in quotes.

I'd just moved back to the States and was going on dates from a kind of service. Had an ok date with a nice enough guy but as he walked me to my car I knew I did not want to see him again. No chemistry, not my type, whatever.


I was terrified. So I lied and said I was Mormon or something and didn't kiss on first dates, that I really liked him and hoped we could keep getting to know each other. But I had to go, my mom was waiting up for me.

He was all "oh ... Ok. Oh gosh, I thought you were like all those other girls that you didn't like me or something". Psy-freaking-cho.


9. Jess on Facebook also had an online date with a guy who is better off never leaving the virtual world.

After a two-year, long-distance relationship, I decided to try online dating. My first date in a long time was a guy that was in one of my college art classes. We eventually exchanged texts after a few messages online and he seemed sweet, so we went to grab a drink and it went downhill from there.

He kept trying to reach his hands up my dress while we were sitting at the bar, and then apologized. I don't know why I let that one go, but I should have ended it because his humor became much drier and darker, and at one point I was so bored I wanted to go home, clearly it was a bad date.

I made sure *I* paid for the drinks and said I was going to walk back. He offered me a ride but I declined, obviously, which he then replied, "I'M NOT GOING TO RAPE YOU!" as loud as he could.

That was my exit. He followed me on the way out and asked me if I wanted to get ice cream soon but he didn't mean ice cream, and I picked up on it quickly. I declined 6 times before I walked away because he didn't know what NO meant.

I managed to block him everywhere else but my OkCupid account, and within the 10 minutes it took for me to walk home, he sent over 100 messages, no I'm not kidding, about what an ice cold bitch I am and how he expected me to put out since HE asked me out.

The dates after that with a few others were better though, I enjoyed them and made a few friends.


10. Michael's rejection story proves that living well is the best revenge.

I guess it was when I was 24 and this woman hit on me but was not my type.

When I said "thanks, but no thanks" she proceeded to tell everyone she knew that I was gay.

I had a lot of fun going after her friends and proving she was wrong.

11. We agree with Lola's moral here: honesty is great, but it should be tempered with manners.

Not me, but a friend of mine met a guy at a local swimming pool (as you do). They proceeded to swap numbers, text, etc then organized a first date. All was going well when a few drinks in and during dinner, he asks her if she'd "be prepared to let him dress in her underwear" (remember this is first date!)

She laughed, assuming he was joking. Straight-faced, he asked her again. She told him straight up she wasn't sure she'd be into that....he took the rejection badly...told her if she couldn't "fulfill his fantasies, there was no point in continuing" up and left the restaurant....leaving her to foot the bill. She had to call a friend (me) to come and collect her!

It's great he was honest, but to just dump her there 'n then...harsh!


12. But how much do you make, Amy?

I was left at a restaurant, with the bill, on a first date once, because I would not tell him how much money I made. True story! And I had to call a cab to get home because he picked me up.

13. Jenny on FB dated a guy who hit every single square on Bad Date Bingo. Didn't match the picture, terrible hygiene, resented paying after insisting they do so, and expecting sex. Unfortunately, there's no prize for winning Bad Date Bingo.

I met a guy on an online dating site a few years ago. We talked and texted and he offered to travel to my area (a four hour trip), stay in a hotel, and take us to a big sporting event that I wanted to attend. I offered to pay my ticket at the time, and he said of course not, he's got a great job.

He had made a big deal about expecting a full body hug when we first said hello, I thought it was a bit odd, but whatever. Upon meeting in person, I see that he has grossly misrepresented himself in his photos, and as the date progresses, is pretty much a dick. It was about a hundred degrees that day, and he got angry that I didn't want him hanging all over me, and proceeded to pout.

His attitude was terrible, but I really wanted to be there, and unfortunately, I had driven us both there. When I dropped him off at his hotel, he invited me in and when I said "no, thank you" started screaming at me about how I was leading him on, and how I "owed" him. He later emailed me a detailed bill for "my half" of his hotel stay, our meal, my ticket, and his gas expenses.