This cruel bastard. This poor woman. Brad Holmes (who might want to consider changing his name and going into hiding soon) played the meanest prank on his girlfriend Jen by rubbing a chili pepper (yes, the red hot kind, and no, not the band) on her tampon and then filming her reaction.

[Ladies, are you still reading? Are you okay? Do you want to grab some ice to sit on while you read this?]

It's important to bear in mind that this couple is already YouTube famous for pranking each other. This prank is so cruel it might even be fake, but who knows. As of now, the video has been watched over 2 million times on Holmes' Facebook page. At the start, Holmes can be heard stating his evil plan: "It's Jen's time of the month, so I'm gonna play a little trick on her, and give her a hot vagina. I'm gonna rub this chili onto this tampon. Let's see what happens." Holmes set up two cameras: one in the sitting room and one in the bathroom, sort of pointed at the toilet. This just gets worse and worse, right?