After getting rejected for a second date by a woman he met on Tinder, the world's most dedicated spendthrift asked her for his coffee money back. Lauren Crouch is a London-based blogger who runs "No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories," a blog about her misadventures in the dating game. Today, she posted about meeting up with a guy for a Tinder date at a coffee shop. Things were bad from the get-go, and not just because they were both using Tinder. He wanted to meet at a nearby chain coffee shop instead of going to a cozier one that was a bit farther; within the first 20 minutes of the date he invited her to his house for dinner (which she declined); and he cut the date off early so he could receive a grocery delivery at his apartment. She decided she didn't want to see him again (good call, Lauren). He later texted her, though, asking for a second date, which she declined:

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