There's...something...romantic...on the wing!

Comedian Mark Malkoff has made a lot of cool videos involving long-term, quirky stunts. In 2009, he lived on a commercial jet for 30 days straight in order to get over his fear of flying (and score himself a Guinness World Record). He couldn't shower or ever enter the terminal, but there was only one part of the entire process that really counted as a "problem": his wedding anniversary was right in the middle of his month-long plane imprisonment.

So, his hosts at AirTran arranged for he and his wife Christine Peel-Malkoff to dine on the wing of the airliner that was serving as his home away from home. This occurred at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, which is apparently where AirTran hides their gourmet chefs. It's a pretty charming meal, and Mark seems like a good enough comedian to avoid too many airline food jokes (plus, the chef is right there, so...).

I don't know why this took five years to come out, but I'm glad it did. Check out some of Mark Malkoff's other videos, like the time he and his wife spent 48 hours handcuffed to each other.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Laughing Squid | Mark Malkoff