There's...something...romantic...on the wing!

Comedian Mark Malkoff has made a lot of cool videos involving long-term, quirky stunts. In 2009, he lived on a commercial jet for 30 days straight in order to get over his fear of flying (and score himself a Guinness World Record). He couldn't shower or ever enter the terminal, but there was only one part of the entire process that really counted as a "problem": his wedding anniversary was right in the middle of his month-long plane imprisonment.

So, his hosts at AirTran arranged for he and his wife Christine Peel-Malkoff to dine on the wing of the airliner that was serving as his home away from home. This occurred at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, which is apparently where AirTran hides their gourmet chefs. It's a pretty charming meal, and Mark seems like a good enough comedian to avoid too many airline food jokes (plus, the chef is right there, so...).

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