7 couples who turned their dirty laundry into internet gold.

7 couples who turned their dirty laundry into internet gold.

Back in the old days (10 years ago), reality shows gave the public all the dirt they could want on the lives and relationships of complete strangers. But for the gossip connoisseurs of today, old media dinosaurs like that just move too slow. These days, social media provides immediate and constant schadenfreude from all over the world. What's more, internet users have figured out how to use their own intimate details (and those of their loved ones) to go viral and claim a piece of fame for their own. Here are 7 couples who blew up the internet by oversharing about their relationships.

1. The guy who listed all the ways moving in with his girlfriend was confusing and fantastic.

In June 2016, Twitter user Arthur Dayne posted a long series of tweets listing all the positive and negative revelations he had after moving in with his girlfriend. Some were just Odd Couple-type disagreements on the art of homemaking:

But he soon realized how much easier life is when you live like an adult:


Before long, he was over the moon with joy:

In the end, Dayne's rant became an extremely sweet tribute to his girlfriend:


Isn't that delightful? If you want to read all of Dayne's tweets, click here. And don't worry—not all of these stories will have such a happy ending.

2. The guy who put chili pepper on his girlfriend's tampon as a prank.

Brad Holmes decided to play a funny little prank on his girlfriend Jennifer by rubbing a hot pepper on her tampon and then filming her pure vaginal agony.


Luckily, her vagina was not permanently damaged. The trust between them, however, was incinerated.

3. The guy who tweeted his girlfriend's enraged rant after he stole her pizza.

Dee Breezy pulled one of the classic relationship dick moves: he told his significant other he didn't want any food, then helped himself to some of hers (in this case, a sliver of her slice of pizza). But because she keeps it real, Breezy's girlfriend unloaded on him in a massive public rant. And because he's such a great boyfriend, Breezy filmed it for Twitter's pleasure:


When she found out he had posted the video, she texted him a further explanation on why his betrayal stung so much. Naturally, he shared that too:

Let's hope she dumped this scrub. The privacy issue is bad enough, but he should know to NEVER come between a person and their pizza. Some things are sacred.


4. The adult breastfeeding couple.

7 couples who turned their dirty laundry into internet gold.
The best part: she never has to ask what he wants for dinner.
Facebook: Jennifer Mulford

In June 2016, Jennifer Mulford and Brad Leeson went viral for going public with their adult breastfeeding relationship. As they explained, Leeson would regularly "latch on" as a way of strengthening their romantic bond and initiating foreplay. The hope is that over time (with the help of hormones), Mulford will start lactating, thus allowing them to live out their mutual fantasy of being a wet nurse and her naughty baby man.


5. The guy who complained on Facebook about his wife and mistress not getting along.

Lonnie Turner published this viral complaint/brag on Facebook on June 24, lamenting the fact that the two women in his life couldn't put aside their differences to make him happy. He even put them together in one image (one in her work outfit, the other in a bikini) to hammer home the point: he is a douche.

If this story doesn't seem creepy to you yet, read this quote: "I work extremely hard, and I think I deserve to have everything my little heart desires." No good husband/boyfriend has ever referred to what his "little heart desires." There aren't enough shudders in the world for a phrase like that.


6. The lady who caught her boyfriend cheating, hid in his trunk, and live-tweeted the whole thing.

Twitter user @vickto_willy found out her guy had been two-timing her with someone else, and had even packed his bags to leave her. But rather than let him go and move on with her life, she decided to do something much more reasonable: she hid in his trunk and posted videos to Twitter:

She went on to document the entire saga in a truly epic 69-tweet rant, including more video, gifs, and a whole lot of shade. In the end, she finally popped out and surprised the two cheaters like a vengeful jack-in-the-box.


Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman hiding in your trunk.

7. The woman who left her husband sweet bathroom mirror notes that are actually pretty mean.

Photographer Michael B. Thomas has a great marriage—the kind based on love, respect, and sweet burns. He proved that point by proudly sharing a photo of the notes his wife had left him on their bathroom mirror.


The notes read:

You look dusty

Your hairline is uneven

You ain't even that cute!

Thomas's smile in the photo says it all—he loves it when his wife takes potshots at him (and he knows about his hairline). His tweet went viral, because everyone on the internet wants to have a marriage like that.

If you noticed that the first and last entries on this list are both sweet, you got us—they were supposed to be palate cleansers. Some of the others are pretty dark. Hopefully, this list will inspire you not to take your significant other for granted, and to keep your shared private business private. Unless you want to be famous on the internet. In that case, you should broadcast as much of that dirt as you can find.