Girl's text after blacking out on a first date sparks fiery internet debate.

Girl's text after blacking out on a first date sparks fiery internet debate.

Alcohol is almost always a prerequisite for a Tinder date—a way to get some liquid courage before attempting to entertain a stranger and an activity to do when you meet. But one girl that had way too much to drink (or way too little to eat) ended up subjecting a dude to the date from hell, and the internet is debating her recovery.

Redditor redditright shared his tale on the site's Tinder forum:

I'll try and keep this relatively short and sweet. Not sure how well I'll convey this but it was a tough one. This first date was going reasonably well up until 11.

She hadn't eaten dinner beforehand and on the date had had 3 large glasses of wine. She went to the toilet and after 10 mins I knew something was amiss, either vomiting or run away.

After 20 mins I asked my friend via Facebook if she thought I would be a bad person if I left but she said I should ask someone to check the toilet. I disregarded that and was out the door but couldn't bring myself to fully commit to going home. I felt guilty incase she was choking on her own puke.

Went and asked the girls next to us to check, and right enough she was in there throwing up. Ended up getting another drink and waiting for her to come out for an hour in total.

We eventually got out of the bar and she thought she'd fallen asleep on the toilet but didn't realise the length of time. We went our separate ways. The first thing she said to me the next morning via WhatsApp was "all I can say is lol".

Poor girl, but what's a dude to do?

Commenters debated whether the jokey "all I can say is lol" is a sufficient an apology.

"That's cringey," EatingBagels said.

"How about 'I'm sorry you waited so long for me'? Ugh," youtouchedmy wrote.

But some Redditors came to her defense.


"I don't understand why everyone is being so mean at the girl, she was probably nervous and now she is embarrassed about what happened," aCornField commented.

Expider wrote:

Ok I'm going to come to this girl's defence [sic] regarding her message. That's the sort of message I would send someone after writing and erasing numerous drafts in which I apologise profusely for my behaviour, only to realise that I can't even remember what my behaviour was. After so many tries, searching for the right words to write you eventually give up and send something like that admitting that you're kinda speechless about your own behaviour, that even you are judging and lol-ing at drunk you


"I'm sure she was embarrassed but that doesn't make it not rude. I wonder if she'd have waited an hour if the roles had been reversed," Redditright himself commented, clearly still upset about it.

While there's no perfect response to falling asleep at the toilet on a first date, it is truly a love story of our times.