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This woman's dating experience is why 'full disclosure' before meeting is a good idea.

This woman's dating experience is why 'full disclosure' before meeting is a good idea.


Here's a story about honesty and goodness in dating. I know, I'm shocked, too.

When one of her dating match apps told her he wanted to give her "full disclosure" before they met, Twitter user @CocktailAmma assumed the worst: he was married.

But it turned out that wasn't the case at all. He wasn't married, but he had gotten into a serious car accident about 10 years ago and was told he'd never walk again.

But he did walk, within three months of the accident.

He was telling her all of this because — gasp — he had a limp. That was the whole big deal. He walks with a limp. And he was worried that would be a deal breaker.

@Cocktailamma went on to share her disappointment not that her potential date had a limp, but that we live in a society where a lovely, kind, inspirational man is made to feel inadequate because he walks differently.

But disappointment wasn't her overall feeling — she tweeted that they'd met up and talked until late into the night.

She finished by giving him "big ups." And people on Twitter agreed.

Someone responded to her on Twitter, saying it would make a great Bollywood movie.

And wouldn't you know it, @CocktailAmma apparently works in a movie studio.

As the kind responses flooded in, she shared them with the man, saying, "He thanks all of you." He really does sound nice!

If she thought she could just end her story there, she was very wrong. Because people wanted to know — when are they going out again?!

Oh, yeah, they've already agreed to hang out again, none of that awkward will-we-or-won't-we-ever-see-each-other-again dance.

Instead of discouraging her from dating him, his telling her about his limp before they met just showed what an honest, forthright man he was. Could it be true that honesty really is the best policy??

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