Watching old movies is fun, but one Reddit user learned the hard way that studying them may not be the most effective way to become skilled in the art of romance. He recently shared a story on the TIFU (Today I F***ked Up, for those unfamiliar) subreddit of how his attempt to be a gentleman on a Tinder date resulted in getting ghosted by the girl... right in the middle of the date.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Our story starts out innocently enough. Self-proclaimed awkward guy gets a Tinder date.

I'm a very socially awkward person.

So when the numerous hours of back-and-forth chit chat with women on Tinder resulted in a first date I was ecstatic. We had matched a week or two back to my surprise and started talking about our personal interests; TV shows, movies, and what not. After my conversational cannon fodder of questions started to run dry, I decided "fuck it" and asked if she wanted to see Rogue One with me last Friday night. She said yes!

The night comes and I decide to start getting ready by picking out some nice looking clothes aside from the typical bullshit that I wear on a daily basis. Jeans, a white shirt, boots, and a nice jacket I'd received from my mother on Christmas. It was raining too so I grabbed an umbrella on my way out.

I get on the train and walk to the rendezvous. I wait 10 or so minutes and see her walking down the street. Nervous, I walk out into the rain with the umbrella to meet her. We shake hands, say hi to one another, and I ask if she's ready to head down to the movie theater. She says yes and off we go.


Because this is Reddit TIFU, you know something is going to go terribly wrong. Buckle in, folks. (And maybe turn on Singin' in the Rain to set the mood.)

Here's where it went south.

We're walking through the rain and come up to a big, water-filled street corner. I'm not sure whether it was nerves or my own lack of social skills which compelled me to do what I did, but I immediately stop and start to take off my jacket. Confused, she asks what I'm doing to which I reply, "I got this." She quickly realizes what I'm about to do and starts saying "Oh, you don't have t-".

I cut her off by throwing my jacket into this huge puddle expecting her to walk on it and onto the curb like you see in old movies/shows. The silence quickly makes me realize what I've done. I mutter out a "After you..." and she continues to stare at me.


Not exactly the smoothest move, but most people at this point might just laugh the awkwardness off and continue the date. Not this girl.

Without a word, she ghosts me on the spot. I pick my jacket up out of the puddle and make my walk of shame home.

Maybe next time.

Granted, ghosting the guy in the middle of the date was definitely an overreaction on the girl's part. But maybe it's time for this Reddit user to update the movies he takes his romantic inspiration from. Let's hope our friend will find love soon.