People reveal the creepiest things they've ever done in the pursuit of love or sex.

People reveal the creepiest things they've ever done in the pursuit of love or sex.

When Lloyd (John Cusack) stood outside Diane's (Ione Sky's) bedroom window holding up a boom box in Say Anything, he eventually got the girl. But IRL, this kind of gesture can read as creepy. Love can make people act crazy. And if you're not careful, you could end up being just a girl, standing in front of a judge, asking him to lift your restraining order.

These folks on Reddit shared the creepiest things they've ever done while pursuing someone they were sexually or romantically interested in. Weirdly, some of these stories have happy endings. Life is a rom com after all.

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1. JukeFlute made things complicated on Facebook.

I don't know if it's creepy, but I once met this guy at a bar and we chatted all night, and exchanged phone numbers.

Anyways, my friends wanted to know what he looked like and I searched him on Facebook to show and accidentally shared one of his profile pictures onto my wall. It was hours before I noticed and only because he texted me and asked me why I shared it.

I was so embarrassed I made my friend delete the share for me and I never spoke to him again.


2. blackcatbadbrows did what literally everyone does when they like someone, right?

Stalked the shit out of their social media profiles, to the point where I could literally list every vacation they'd been on since 2005 and probably name most of their extended family.

3. Richj43 is very good at stalking reading people.

Started talking to this guy awhile back and he had his first initial tattooed on one of his wrists. I crept so far back through his Facebook that I found him discussing how he wanted his second initial on his other wrist.

Well one day we were hanging out and I ever so gently grabbed his wrist and said, "you know what you should do, you should get your second initial tattooed on this wrist." He looked at me like I was his soulmate. I felt so guilty and creepy all at the same time.

We are not dating anymore.


4. Lacosaknitsra knows romance is breaking into a house while tripping on acid.

This happened with my high school boyfriend, so I'm not sure if it counts since we were actually dating at the time. It was in 10th grade, shortly after I got my license. I was hanging out with friends and we dropped acid. A few hours later, I'd had this epiphany and just HAD to talk to him. Now, this was before everyone had cell phones, so, naturally, I just drove to his house, without even thinking about calling the house phone. I knocked on the door but no one answered. So, my LSD riddled brain was convinced that he was home, and I should sneak in the sliding glass door that led from the outside patio into his bedroom. I get into the darkened bedroom without making a sound. He wasn't there. That's when I realized his parents were. His bedroom door faced the living room, and mom and dad were sitting on the couch talking and watching tv. They didn't see me, but his dog, a Collie named Buddy, damn well knew I was there and came in to see me. At this point, it dawned on me that I'd basically broken into his house, and I was too terrified of making noise and alerting his parents to my presence by leaving. So I just sat there, tripping balls with the dog in the dark. I eventually gathered the courage to exit the way I came in, and sat outside on my car blowing bubbles until he showed up. He found the whole ordeal perfectly hilarious!

TL;DR: Did LSD and broke into bf's house, tripped with the dog.


5. Justincredible207 found love online before the internet even existed.

Back in the msn messagenger days, about 12 years ago, I worked with this girl I thought was beautiful. I worked with her for 2 years never ssying more then hi to her. I never talked to her because I was intimidated. One day she left an application for another job in her cubicle, it had her email on the application which I gladly wrote down and added to my MSN Messenger, it just so happend she had it to and was online and I started to talk with her, not revealing who I was, I was making her laugh and we talked about everything. I eventually hoped on my Webcam and said surprise! She thought I was a riot. 12 years later we have 3 kids and a nice home together.


6. thanklesseffort used every part of the internet.

This girl in my class was so cute but the teacher never called out her last name during role call so I noticed she would call her name first so I knew her last name started with either A B or C. I looked over her shoulder and saw her lightly write her name on her paper and I couldn't quite read it but I could tell it was short and since I knew the first letter was at the start of the alphabet, I figured out it was B and was able to to find her on Facebook from there.

After Facebook I noticed she had her email listed, so I put her email into the Google search bar and I found her Instagram name. Googled the Instagram name to find out she has other social media connected to it, and I found out she likes a certain activity that I like, so I gently brought it up in conversation the next day like "yeah you probably don't know about this but I..." and she stopped in her tracks and she was like "I actually do know about that" and I was like "no way!" Like my crazy ass was surprised

I felt weird


7. aliciatacos was so in love she rode the BUS.

I was like 17 when I got this huge crush on a guy, sometimes we talked on facebook but I was too shy to ask him if he wanted to meet IRL. The only times I saw him was on the bus to and from school, and everytime he said hi and gave me this flirty smile.

He didn't go to the same school as I and because of different schedules we "only" met like three times a week, and I never knew when we were gonna take the same bus. So I went online, looked up his schedule like I was CSI, and that told me what time he was taking the bus to and from school every day. After that I started to take his bus almost every day, just so I could say hi to him. It didn't matter that I sometimes was like two hours early for school, as long as I could see him in the mornings


8. Deadfire_ knows the way to a girl's heart is drunkenly chasing her to Subway.

I went to my best friend's house warming party, was minding my own business getting progressively more drunk when a girl he was seeing stopped by to see the place. I got to talking with her about mutual interests and all was well and good until my buddy pissed her off by nearly hooking up with another girl in the living room. She decided to leave the party to "go get Subway" a few blocks away, aka sneak out and hop a bus home, so I had the bright idea of running full tilt after her for three blocks completely drunk. Did I mention that it was 10:30 at night in one of the more shady parts of town? Did I mention I was drunk off my face and thought that was a GREAT idea? Yeah, she was a bit freaked out.

I then gallantly, or drunkenly, walked her safely to Subway since that's where I thought she was going, we bought food then I even managed to somehow walk her BACK to the party and sat in the kitchen talking to her for hours and even went as far as to pull her into my lap on the couch to sit and not let go as if she was some sort of squeeze toy until 5 am when I passed out cold.

Long story short... as creepy as I acted we're somehow still together 8 years later, married and have a kid. Funny how that works.


9. bookeebear basically bought a husband.

I worked next door to a guy I had a crush on. I would go into his store every morning and buy something. I was super broke for a long time because of this. Haha. Eventually I started searching Myspace for him and it took forever because I didn't know his name, just where he worked.

So anyways I went through a fuck ton of profiles for men in our area and finally found him and added him. We didn't really talk but after a while I noticed he liked cars so I made a bulletin about how I was saving up for my dream car (an old as fuck BMW lol) and he sent a message and said we should text sometime...

I've been married to him for 5 years now and we have a kid.


10. putyercookieinhere made a Celine Dion portrait with a dead person's hair, but isn't sure what went wrong.

He made me a mixed cd, our first date was a double date with friends to a music show and we talked about our favourite bands. 2nd date he brought me follow up material, he had obviously spent a lot of time preparing it, a cd full of his favou rite new music. I guess in my excitement when I received it i forgot to say thank you. (I said something like, oh awesome! that's so rad, you rock...) anyway was obvs grateful but didn't say thank you. Date 3: he teased me about it and I felt horrid. I couldn't tell if he was kind of hurt and couldn't believe I didn't say thank you! So I made him a drawing of Celine dion riding a race horse around a race track. I glued human hair to the Celine and then glued bugs into it cause in the wind... you know. Also I made some grass for the horse. And there was an inset of them winning the Kentucky derby and Celine was gnawing on a giant carrot. Also the horse had human hair for a mane and tail. Anyway he was kind of non plussed. I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen, kinda still do. Edit: should mention...worked in a funeral home and the hair was found in a brown paper bag in the basement. A ponytail, quite thick and brown, but it smells of mothballs.


11. bassslapper05: well? Did it work out??

one time i licked the inside of a shoe of a girl i liked