If you think dating is a nightmare, you're right. But this BBC video from a single comedian in her 20s who lives on a tiny Scottish island might help you put things in perspective. Marjolein Robertson lives in the Shetland Islands just north of Scotland, where the total population is around 22,000. When you break that number down by age, gender and marital status, that's not a whole lot of eligible men to choose from.


Trying to find a date is hard," says Robertson in the video, which has been viewed over 200K times. "By the time you reach your early 20s, you've either been there already, or you're related to them. Or both."

She also demonstrates what happens when you try to go out a bar or on Tinder to meet single men when you live on a very small island. It seems kind of like trying to find a date at a family reunion.

Just watch:

Dating in Shetland

Dating in Shetland is hard!

Posted by BBC The Social on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This makes dating in a big city seem not so bad. NYC, for example, is home to teeming hoards of single people looking for love. You can swipe on Tinder forever and have thousands of bars to choose from to meet a potential "mate." And yet, somehow, you still always run into your ex. Just because you happened to be passing by his apartment right at the time he gets home from work every day. I guess it's a small world!

Sources: BBC The Social