A dating site called Gleeden picks up where Ashley Madison left off, offering a platform for wives and husbands to supplement their marriages by arranging sneaky sex on the internet.

And since Gleeden has the trust of this rarely-exposed subset of society, they have some insights on their behavior. According to Gleeden, "sign-ups spike the second Monday after Christmas."

This year, that was January 9th—yesterday. Time to check your loved one's browser history!


The reasoning is "all very common sense and practical," says a lawyer specializing in family law, who took time out of his practice to talk to CBS Philadelphia about why January's a good month for him.

It's all "tied in with emotion and money. The last thing someone wants to do is be in a situation where they're ruining holidays for children, ruining holidays for family."

But January? WHO CARES—RUIN JANUARY! It's cold out! Burn it all down!


As soon as the holidays are over, people apparently sign up for Gleeden and start thinking about spending those sweet Christmas bonuses on divorce lawyers.

Hug your loved ones a little closer today.

And next year, sabotage their job so they don't get a bonus.