15 women who expertly shot down horny guys via text.

15 women who expertly shot down horny guys via text.

One of the most important social skills a woman can have these days is the ability to diffuse some gross guy blowing up their phone with unsolicited dick pics or requests for nudity. It's of utmost importance to respond with grace, humor, and humiliation.

1. Hope you like back hair.

He'll send you some pictures of his hairy back and some good investment advice.

2. Wet and wild.

Now that's what I'm talking a'grout.

3. It pays to be courteous.

You don't want wrinkles.

4. Kill the moment quick.

Yes, but what kind of crackers?

5. An honest mistake.


6. Derpy derp?

Derpy derp.

7. Foreplay.

If you text a picture of an actual Mortadella though, you might get a date for snacktime.

8. So it shall be arranged!

"Mom? Get Dad on the phone. It's happened!"

9. What a disappointment.

The dudes with the duck always gets the girl.

10. Brick.

Not a grape pickup line.

11. Literally the best.

That cat looks like it can party.

12. Just send a picture of some rando.

Who's this lady? Do you know this lady?

13. Sorry, so busy.

Well, hey, it's not an

14. The Scottish play.

Scientists don't even think that guy's junk really exists.

15. Que Cera Cera.

What will be, will be.