Maryanne, 45, and Tommy, 59, Pilling are a couple who were both born with Down syndrome. At the time they wed, their marriage was controversial, according to the Independent. They are among the first, if not the first, couple with Down syndrome to get married in the UK. But now, 22 years later, they're still going strong.

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ms. Pilling's sister, Lindi Newman, told the Independent that their mother had "received a lot of flak at the time for letting them get married, but she insisted it was their decision." The couple had met about one and half years prior to the proposal.

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Thursday, February 23, 2017

She continued, "Maryanne had dreamed about a big white wedding since she was a little girl and that's exactly what she had. It was a beautiful day."

Ms. Newman added that the couple provides hope to other parents of children with Down syndrome.

She explained,

When they walk down the street holding hands they make a statement but in a good way.

Some people stare, they assume people with Down's Syndrome and learning difficulties can't get married. But we also get so many lovely lovely messages from people who are inspired by their story.


Fun at the pub!

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ms. Pillings told the Independent,

My wedding was the best day of my life. I was shocked when Tommy proposed but I didn't have to think twice about saying yes.

She added, "Tommy and I never argue. I love my husband very much. He is my best friend."

The couple has a Facebook page, managed by Ms. Newman full of sweet pictures of the couple's every day life together.


Just look at their smiles! They are so happy "they're famous again" (Maryanne's words!)

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Congratulations to these two on their anniversary!