When Jodie Duncan's boyfriend came home super-drunk one night after his friend's birthday party, she was pretty bummed.

Duncan and her dude, Kieron Cameron, had plans to hang out that night, and she was disappointed that he was out of it.

Cameron felt so bad, he messaged her. A lot. On every possible platform, like a good millennial. (Except LinkedIn, because LinkedIn's for nerds.)

Cameron came back from the birthday and let’s just say he was a little drunk, and apparently felt pretty bad about it. He ended up messaging Duncan. Like, a bunch.

Cameron upped the ante with another apology worth exactly £10.00, or 12.68 US dollars.

Twitter: @_jodieduncan

It even says "r u angry at me" on the gift card.

Plus, he put his mouth where his money is and tried to get sober real fast.


The eager apology struck a chord with people, scoring over 29,000 retweets. A lot of them were likely hoping their own significant others would see them and take note.

“I only posted it to Twitter thinking our friends would get a laugh out of it,” Duncan told BuzzFeed, “Loads of people think it’s cute and are quoting it saying ‘goals’ or whatever, which is nice.”


Oh, young love.

Even if he didn't mean it, I'd accept any apology that makes my tweet go viral.