These two seem very in love. Or drunk. Both, probably.

Priya and Vincent met at a party, as people do (if they're not too busy Tindering in a corner, avoiding eye contact). According to Priya, Vincent makes very firm eye contact, or so she remembers from their first meeting. We don't get a lot of clear facts out of her in this interview, in which she firmly insists she's a "hard 9" on the 1-10 drunk scale.

It's nice to think that if we're dating someone, their first memories of us are golden hued, every glance and shared laugh a precious premonition of the happy relationship to come. But how do you really know? Ya get drunk and let it all hang out. Thankfully, they both seem to recognize that their first meeting was a special night. That's great. What if only one of them remembered it? Or they remembered a different night, meeting someone else, but confused it with their current partner? Wow, this could really have gone wrong in a lot of ways. Congrats, you wasted lovebirds!

Sources: ELLE