People have traditionally gone to bars when they want to hook up, because alcohol relaxes inhibitions and standards. So it would seem to make sense that if you're trying to find somebody on Tinder, you'd get drunk first. But don't. Don't get drunk and start swiping on Tinder, because there will be a permanent record of every message you send. You'll end up regretting it, just like every person on this list.

1. They can't spell while sober either.


2. DTH?

3. Far too young.

4. Nope. Still doesn't work.

5. A deleted scene from 'Harry Potter.'


6. But 17 - 2 = 5. As in "a fifth."

7. This is turning into an anatomy lesson.

8. It's a match!

9. It's not a match.


10. Just a really responsible person.