We all know that people say some hilarious stuff when they're coming out of anesthesia—even for a procedure as routine as getting your wisdom teeth out. But perhaps no one has said something so life-altering after surgery as Reddit user datloaf did following his emergency appendectomy.

It's actually a pretty sweet story, but it could have gone in a totally different direction. Let's just say that if you wait too long to pop the big question to your significant other, it can come out at the most surprising moment.

Not really a fuck up, more just an unexpected suprise. So on Friday I woke up at 7:30 a.m. with abdominal pain. My girlfriend of 7 years told me to stop moving around so much and went to work. I was rolling around for about 3 hours until I realized that my pain was getting more localized in my right lower quadrant area. Since I work in the medical field I knew right away it was going to be an expensive day. So I grabbed my phone charger and went to the hospital. Was immediately checked into the emergency room, got a CT scan and was told by the doctor that I needed my appendix out that day. So I was admitted into the hospital, my parents and girlfriend came. They were by my side as I went into the operating room. When I came out of surgery and was in pacu, both my girlfriend and my parents were there waiting for me. Working in the medical field I knew that people my age (30 years old) say some crazy things from anesthesia but I didn't realize how crazy it was going to affect my life. When I started coming to, the drugs/anesthesia affected my judgment and i made a life-altering decision. I looked at my girlfriend, pointed to her [and said], "I WANT TO MARRY YOU!" right in front of both of my parents. She was in shock, so she turned to my parents and asked him if I was being serious or if it was just the drugs talking. They reassured her that I was serious because I had "mentioned" marriage to them in the past. So she said, "of course I will" and my parents said," welcome to the family", then they all hugged. So yesterday I purchased her an engagement ring and the wedding planning has begun. So I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes it takes having less guts to have guts to do something?

Tl;dr got appendix out, proposed on drugs, I'm engaged


Man, it's gonna be hard for anyone to ever top this "how he proposed" story. We just hope he has the stomach to go through with the wedding. And if he gets butterflies in there, well, those can probably be removed as well.