Perfectly-sized "j/k"— she might miss it if she's into toilet cams, but it's there if she's sane.

Study after study has shown that most women scope a guy out on Facebook and Google him before a first date. But before the Internet, there was the medicine cabinet. Does he even have anything in it? Does it have 12 boxes of condoms? A toenail collection? It may not give his full employment history, education, and musical and movie tastes like Facebook does (a development that pretty much makes most questions on dates 1-3 obsolete, by the way), but the medicine cabinet is always a good barometer for "is he a psycho killer?" Or, in this case, is he funny about psycho-killer situations? Men, of course, have their own habits in the Internet age: just being happy to have a date.

Sources: Redditor GiveMeBackMySon