After a Manhattan couple reportedly ended their engagement less than a week before the wedding, the would-be groom sued his fiancée for the return of the $125,000 ring.

Bradley Moss, 31, and Amy Bzura, 27, were supposed to get married on October 29. The lawsuit provides no explanation for why, but the nuptials "did not occur."

Days later, Moss allegedly asked Bzura for the ring back and, as he asserts in the lawsuit, she "willfully and maliciously refused."


At this point, you will begin to speculate as to why the relationship ended. There's no way to stop you. Go ahead and take a full three seconds to ponder who did what with who (and who walked in on it) to end the relationship.

You good? Cool.

The lawsuit demands the return of the ring or the equivalent in cash. According to Yahoo, New York law implies the finacée will have to return it.


The whole situation's one big bowl of yikes.