Redditor abandonedfiancee (a wildly appropriate username) is asking the internet for advice on whether or not she should go through with marrying her fiancé. Recently, he bolted when they were getting mugged, leaving her alone with two robbers who had her at knifepoint.

This happened about eight months ago, and I’ve tried to be reasonable and put it past me but I’m really struggling. I’ve been told what he did was reasonable, makes sense, etc, but I keep coming back to that moment of total abandonment and fear when I realized he’d run. I just feel completely alone around him now.

We were walking home from a work function at a bar at around 1am. Neither of us had drunk that evening so we weren’t even slightly tipsy. Two guys across the street from us crossed over and approached us asking if we knew where such-and-such a street was. As fiancé turned around to point out where the street was, one of the guys pulled out a knife and told us to stop moving and to give him all our shit (phone, wallet, etc). I was surprised by how calm I was in the moment, and told them I needed to reach into my coat pocket to get my phone. As I was doing that, the guy pressed the knife against my ribs as warning because I guess he was worried I had a gun (even though that’s pretty unlikely in my country). When this happened, my fiancé bolted. It took me a bit to even realize he’d left me, and when I realized that he’d run I was certain I was about to get badly hurt or die.

Fortunately, the thieves seemed to get kind of spooked by him getting away and just hurried me up. They took my phone, bag (with my purse with all my money, cards, personal effects), necklace (worth like ten bucks) and legged it. The whole ordeal from start to finish took maybe five minutes.