Candlelight is really flattering and no one knows that better than this dude, whose Tinder profile picture shows him standing in front of a building that is completely on fire (bigger candle = more flattering). But it's okay, because, as his hat and his profile both indicate, he's actually a firefighter! Oh, but wait, he's supposed to be putting out that fire, right? Yikes.

On Sunday, Twitter user @HeyNikkkay tweeted a screenshot of the hot dude's Tinder profile, along with the text "bruh u gonna put that fire out," which, while not technically in question form, is a really good question. Maybe don't stop for a selfie right now, dude. Maybe get in there and do your job, and do it right. Don't make your potential dates wonder if you're going to take a break from oral sex to snap a selfie. It doesn't matter how cute you are.