Redditor AWildSketchAppeared is known for drawing beautiful pencil sketches to illustrate other redditor's posts. But when it comes to his personal life, things are less than harmonious. Recently, he had a heartbreaking experience when a girl he liked rejected his advances, and then decided she didn't want to be his friend either. His reaction, which he decided to share on Facebook, was intense. And in an ironic twist of fate, it subsequently went viral on Reddit. Check it out, and you'll understand why.


AWildSketchAppeared saw the thread and felt the need to explain himself. His comment, while not explaining everything, does makes him seem less like a modern-day Vincent Van Gogh.

Wew.... OK....

Hello, everyone! I honestly hope all of you can take the time to read this....

First off, that's basically a big-time summarization of events that transpired. I could have write a lot more detail of what happened, like a 10-page essay worth even, but I didn't want to dwell on it that much and wanted to move on for good after that venting. I'll just get to the point.

I'll admit right off the bat that when I wrote that, emotions were really high for me. I'd usually keep things like that to myself, but as someone who suffers bouts of depression, bottling things up like that takes a bigger toll on me than just to talk to anyone about it. I was angry, and it was pretty irrationally at that after a night's sleep.

But I was not angry over the attempted kiss, hell I was content to saving whatever friendship is left between us. She thought that kiss was kinda flattering, so I assumed we were back on good terms. It was a mistake and I owned it, I tried to move on, I think that's where she felt "guilty". What set me off was the text she sent about breaking off completely. I would have been more content if she just stopped talking with me right from where it went to shit instead of making it sound so.... officially(?), out of nowhere like that. This was about week after she texted me back, about anything.

Anyway, if there's anything to really learn here when it comes to developing relationships with the opposite sex: better safe than sorry, just tell him/her what your intending here. I've have relationships that started either way, through verbal or body language. I took the latter route here, and it didn't work out. Live and learn. Just save any further heartache and drop off completely instead of making it sound convoluted like you're getting fired from a job. That's the tone she had when I last talked to her. I find that to be irreparably demeaning.

Nonetheless I don't regret sending that. Was it inflammatory? I'd say so, but it was a better option than to keep it private. I feel better now.


I wish I could say the same for the rest of us.