A woman on Tinder made her preference for taller men very well known, which led to a very dramatic conversation that's just now going viral. Here she is, in all her blurry glory.

She summed up her personality succinctly, writing: "Dog lover, cat hater, cargo short shredder." Controversial, sure, but not as big a deal to prospective lovers as the simple sentence:

"I am 5'7".... swipe left if you are shorter."


It's by no means a new argument that "height-shaming" is just as bad as any other form of body-shaming. But instead of swiping left on a woman whose views he didn't appreciate, one guy decided to swipe right and take her on a textual journey of love, loss, irony, and wasted time.

Here's how it went:

The screenshots seem to jump in timeline a little bit, but the conversation inevitably gets to the girl's height, and her stated preferences.


You might start to get the feeling that the dude isn't quite as tall as he says he is, unless he is just a highly sympathetic tall man.

Somehow, the woman agrees with her suitor-troll that short men shouldn't even EXIST—but at least she doesn't take the bait when he suggests we "sterilize them" or "turn them into dogs."


And here's where it all comes to its predictable conclusion, as the troll reveals himself:

Yes, the guy has a point that women shouldn't hate on short men just as men shouldn't hate on any particular woman. Yes, the woman has a point if she just wants a fling on Tinder and doesn't need some troll filling up her phone with useless messages.

In the ending, they're both petty people looking for love on Tinder, and they're both staunchly stubborn and willing to get pretty rude to a stranger.


In a way, they're perfect for each other.

Let's hope for a happy ending here—she only said she'd "probably" block him. Here's to love!