Kid's saying "I like turtles," in case you just hooked up your 28.8k modem for the 1st time.

As he himself points out in the conversation, 17-year-old Kane Zipperman is kind of a dick...but at least he didn't cheat on his girlfriend with her best friend. That's exactly what Zipperman claims his ex-girlfriend did to him, and the teenager from Canton, GA was not happy. 

So much so, that he allegedly responded to her (pretty unrepentant) entreaties not to break up with her with nothing but memes and a combination of jokes and teenage anger (for a 17-year-old who just got cheated on he keeps it pretty in control...he's still a 17-year-old dude, though). Then, he put it all on Twitter.

Sources: Kane Zipperman | Daily Mail