Do you feel like you have too much free time and want to get emotionally invested in some teenagers' relationship? Watch this video.

This video will shake you out of your dumb adult emotional stability and bring you right back to the turmoil of being a teen. These high school sweethearts, Isobel and Adam, interviewed each other about their relationship and what they think will happen when Adam leaves for college while Isobel is still in high school. (The video is part of a project called {The And}, which was also responsible for that other couple Q&A where an ex-boyfriend unsuccessfully tried to justify doing unfaithful "hand stuff.") These teens seem really mature, yet also depressingly realistic about the future. When Isobel says that "everything is, like, perfect right now," you really want them to never have to grow up. Although at least they won't have to do homework anymore, which really is not overrated.

Sources: Glamour