If you're like me, you have a love-hate relationship with IKEA. You love the prices, the convenience, and the Cinnabuns. You hate everything else—the lines, the overwhelming abundance of options, the existential crisis, the dissolution of your marriage, etc. You know, typical IKEA stuff.

One husband went on a recent trip to IKEA with his wife, and documented the entire psychologically-taxing experience. His hilariously deadpan observations and Larry David-esque outrage have gone viral. Probably because so many of us have been burned by IKEA and can relate.


The photo essay begins in the parking lot, where husband already seems confused. Why are they at IKEA? They already have furniture. One of life's great mysteries.

Then he ends up at the cafe, for some reason (that part is supposed to come last!)

Things started to get messy:


This has happened to all of us:

"We have zero kids."


Zero kids, but too many candles.

This is when IKEA-itis began to set in.

This is becoming a psychological thriller.


He still doesn't know why they are at IKEA. Will this man ever find answers?

Still no answers. But plenty of stuffed rats.

Beware the swan song of "sturdy" serving spoons.


MORE rats??????

At IKEA, you must always say "yes."


Another woman enters the picture. Husband attempts to avoid disaster, instead steps right into it:

And yet he boldly continues on his quest for answers.


Turns out, husband isn't the only member of this family with an Instagram account. Busted!

The end is in sight. The end of IKEA.

Can their relationship survive?



What doesn't kill you makes your love stronger. Until they get home and realize they forgot something essential, and IKEA strikes again.