Here is the ad I posted on Craigslist asking for someone to help with my laundry in exchange for a date:

Full text:

I don't know how it happened. I mean, I always wait as long as humanly possible to do my laundry. I wait until I've worn all my bikini bottoms because I ran out of underwear. I wait until I have no socks left and must wrap my feet in old t-shirts. But this time it sort of got out of control. I started buying new clothing and adding it to the growing mountain of laundry. It has taken over my room, and I fear that if it goes on any longer I may have to just abandon everything and move into the subway with the mole people.
BUT WAIT: I've made progress. I put all my laundry into ten giant laundry bags, each weighing about 40 lbs.
THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN: The bags are too heavy. I can't carry them myself down the stairs of my 5th floor walk-up and to my laundromat that's two blocks away. If you come to my apartment and carry the bags to the laundromat I will grant you one date.
ABOUT ME: I am an adult woman who friends describe as "cute," most of whom do NOT know about my horrible laundry problem, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Please help me do my laundry so I don't have to live the rest of my life beneath the surface of this fine city. Tell me why I should pick you for a date!