Qiao Dewei and Liu Shixiu are a Chinese couple who have been married for 67 years. But though they're in their 80s, Qiao had never told his wife he loves her, Chinese newspaper Sina reports. Typical!!!!

But that changed yesterday. After 67 years, Qiao finally beat those intimacy jitters, it seems. On February 14th, 2017, he finally told Liu he loves her.

But you can't just roll over in bed and say "I love you, honey" after nearly seven decades of not saying it.


So he went with a grand gesture:

Qiao arranged for a skyscraper in their city to display the words "I <3 U" in lights. The 84-year-old then reportedly kissed his wife, who was wearing a wedding dress for the first time in their marriage.

That's pretty darn romantic. ALTHOUGH, not to nitpick, but you know what would be even more romantic? Telling his wife he loved her about 67 years ago.


He's lucky he married the most patient woman on the planet. I would've pulled a Thelma and Louise before the end of year one.


Sources: Sina