The most basic response to receiving an unwanted dick pic is to forward it to all your friends, laugh about it, maybe get it printed on a mug. But Imgur user Syntax1985 has stepped up the unwanted dick pic game to a whole new level. After receiving the unsolicited image, he pretended to be a doctor and diagnosed the sender with a dick disease, sending him into a crazed panic spiral.

That's when things got messy.


Syntax1985 posted a screenshot of the conversation on Imgur where it has gone viral, because people who take down dick pic senders are the super heroes of our time.

Here's the story:

Revenge is so sweet.


The weirdest thing about this story, to me, is that Syntax1985, a proclaimed straight man, apparently gets random dick pics on a pretty regular basis.

"I'm a straight man, so when I receive a dick pic, I pretend to be a doctor and see if I can prank the sender," he explained in a post. "Usually it doesn't work, but every now and then I get a laugh out of it."

"When" he receives a dick pic? How many dick pics is this guy getting? Is his phone number 1-800-DICK-PLS? I'm confused. Is this normal? I hope not. Because I have gotten six dick pics in my life and that was five too many (one was okay).


So beware, folks with dicks. Sending pics of your junk to random (or incorrect) phone numbers could result in you having a crotch full of bread batter. And apparently "that stuff really sticks."

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