You see all types of dudes on Tinder, but they're mostly all the same. Yet between the workout mirror selfies and the pictures of men with tigers, Twitter user @QueenIdle just might have found the one: The Holy One.

Jesus' photo covers a whole bunch of miracles: water into wine, ample fish and bread.

His bio is gold (and chrysanthemum and myrrh).


Queen Idle didn't just swipe right, she SUPER liked,

She opened by pointing out how good the Lord and Savior looks for his age.

He's so smooth, this Jesus could be you Last Temptation.


The King of the Jews has been super busy swiping, as more girls replied with this Jesus's moves.



Jesus loves you, this we know, for his right swipe tells you so.

Whoever the earthly figure behind the Lord's Tinder is, he certainly has done his research.

Who knows? Maybe Tinder could be peoples' "come to Jesus" moment.