Won't be the last time you hear this, Shawn. Git it together. (Via)

What do girls expect from boys? Based on this note shared on Instagram, not only does a boy have to overcome his shyness and ask a girl out, but then he has to overcome his shyness again and try and talk to her? No wonder so many elementary school kids are paving the road to bachelorhood. 

Not sure how real this is. All the misspellings are so obvious, it's a little surprising that a backwards "r" didn't make an appearance. But it feels real, only because I recall having this kind of relationship. I asked out a girl in the third grade, she said yes, then I was too scared to ever talk to her again. I cherish our time together, even if it was spent on opposite sides of the playground. And I hope it was a lovely, if quiet, three-month relationship for ShawChel (as the tabloids have nicknamed them by now).

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