When you're in a relationship with someone and spending lots of time with them, you tend to notice the cute little things they do that make you want that person in your life forever and ever. Then there are the not-as-sweet quirks they have that chip away at your soul and make you want to watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Count to 10 before you say something then keep counting because they're never going to stop.
Count to 10 before you say something then keep counting because they're never going to stop.

On Reddit, a number of people aired their teeny-tiny grievances against their partners that are enough to make them complain endlessly but aren't quite deal-breakers. Never for a second did these 23 people find these little habits attractive about their partners.


1. benzethonium is quite sure their partner doesn't want more toast.

Making toast. Nothing else. She plugs in the toaster, gets out the bread and butter, like a normal person. Finishes making toast. Toaster is still plugged in, bread is on the counter and open, and the butter is uncovered with a butter knife in the butter. I ask why do you leave this stuff out? She says she may want more. We have been married over 40 years and she has NEVER wanted more toast. NEVER.

2. Breathe deeply, philtheprince, you'll get through it.

She'll sing the same line of a song for 30 minutes.

3. Don't take bizitmap's pet peeve the wrong way.

Phrases things that aren't going to be bad news, like they are bad news. For example:

Her: Now, okay, don't get mad, but...
Me thinking: what bad news is about to happen? oh shit did I do something wrong where is this about to go oh no OH NO OH NO
Her: ...we should eat less quinoa, it's starting to bother my stomach and idk why
Me: OH. WHEW. Yeah we'll get rice or couscous or something.

This has happened with "I'm not a big star wars fan" and "you should drink less soda." I think her family's more kinda... combative with each other so she grew up having to soften messages.

My brother in law is similar, which drives my sister nuts. He'll be like "[DRAMATIC SIGH] honey, I just... I don't.... I don't think we can go see Wreck It Ralph this Friday."


4. 12DancingPrincesses has been ready, goddammit.

If we need to leave at 9am, he starts getting ready at 8:58am. Which requires him chugging the cold coffee he has been ignoring, taking a 20 minute poop whilst he facebooks. Not being able to locate his keys, or his phone, or the pants he wanted to wear and having a minor hissy fit about that. And, after all that, as I patiently wait for him to actually be ready to leave he has the nerve to go and stand by the door, look me in the eye and ask "Ready?" in a hopeful tone of voice. As if has been waiting for me all this time. I want to murder him at least once a week over this.

12DancingPrincesses has impressive will-power.
12DancingPrincesses has impressive will-power.

5. murderousbudgie endures what no one should.

Waits until I've settled into the couch/bed to ask me to get something for him.

6. FourFingerLifeHug's partner found a new use for fruit stickers.

She takes the stickers off fruit and instead of putting them in the garbage, she sticks them to the counter directly above where the garbage can is.

Used to be random until she found out how much it bothered me, now she does it deliberately.

7. sellyourselfshort might want to talk to the cat about this one.

So our cat has weird anxiety issues and to calm down often has to lick plastic bags, I have no idea why, she's a fucking weird cat. Well my girlfriend tosses every fucking plastic bag we get on the floor for her and it's just this massive mess of them everywhere. Fucking just give her like 1 or 2 in her corners she hides in, I am sick of stepping on a plastic bag on my way to the bathroom at 4am and almost breaking my fucking leg when it slides on the carpet.


8. Let him starve, LaVieLaMort.

My husband never has any input on what to eat for dinner.

Me: What sounds good for dinner?

Husband: I don't know.

Me: eye roll. There's NOTHING that sounds good to you?

Husband: I don't care. Just make whatever.

Me: Well, thanks for the input.


Feed him mold and see if he gets an opinion.
Feed him mold and see if he gets an opinion.

9. Hit_with_big_stick should invest in an e-reader.

When she reads books in bed, she scrapes the paper across her shirt when she flips the page. I want to cut my ears off.


10. GTFOReligion is living out Groundhog Day.

Drops her fucking hair straightener every morning. She gets up earlier than I do, so I'm still sleeping when she starts getting ready. Every. Fucking. Morning she goes to plug it in, it slips off of the dresser and on to the hardwood floors. CLANKrattlerattlerattle . . .




11. Please do something about this, UsoOuso.

She always forgets to flush the damn toilet.

12. Do a lot of people do this, or is it just comounaMUJER's partner?

Chewing wheat thins RIGHT in my goddamn ear in bed while I'm trying to sleep. It brings on some sort of angry adrenaline rage and then I can't fall back asleep.


13. JAECOONE's grievance has surely ended at least one relationship.

Squeezes the toothpaste from the middle instead of the end.

14. EvyEarthling never sees the time on her microwave.

Microwaves food, stops before the time runs out, leaves time remaining displayed instead of the clock.

Subtle cruelty.
Subtle cruelty.

15. Anti_Bread_Bowl...

She ends all her texts with ellipses. It just always reads like she's annoyed with me.

Me: You want italian for dinner?

Her: Ok...

Then I'll see her in person, thinking she's going to want to eat something else or complain, but she's excited and happy for Italian.


16. How does edward414 still use the sponge?

Not wringing out the sponge so the water gets cold and it starts to smell

17. retroverted_uterus has some feelings.

Quickly paces when he's on the phone. SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND FINISH YOUR PHONE CALL YOU ANIMAL. It stresses me out watching him.

18. Don't try to help bobdigi36 in the kitchen.

Loads the dishwasher like she's Hellen Keller. When I rearrange everything we have space for like 10 more dishes.

19. Truenoiz can never get a straight answer.

Answering a question with the answer to a different (but tangentially related) question.

Me: "Should I use get the paper plates?" Her: "We're out of dish soap"

Argh, does that mean I should get the paper plates? Do I need to go buy dish soap after dinner to wash the regular dishes?

Me: "What should I cook for dinner?" Her: "Well, we're out of spaghetti sauce."


20. How does Luquinthia survive this one?

He pronounces the "L" in salmon.

"No you can't have sale-mon for dinner because it doesn't exist."
"No you can't have sale-mon for dinner because it doesn't exist."

21. lovelylady227 does not understand why it's so hard to change a goddamn roll of tp.

He gets the toilet paper out when the roll is empty and then just leans it on top of the empty roll.

I don't care what direction you put the roll on. I don't care if you leave the seat up. But you're sitting there...pooping...the roll is empty and the new one is RIGHT THERE.


22. It's a wonder pdxemf hasn't frozen or suffocated to death.

He manages to simultaneously steal the comforter and shove the top sheet onto me, all night every night. As such, I'm constantly waking up fucking freezing, but freaking out because I have an entire queen-size sheet tangled around my legs and I can't move. I'm thinking of just stapling the fucking sheet to the comforter at this point.

23. Nevab's got it the worst.

Talking about TV show during the show! "Why has he done that?" "Do you think this will happen?" "Who's he?" Well shut up and you might find out.

Can you imagine someone who does all 23 of these things? They'd be an absolute monster.