Why is it you only seem to run into your crush just as you slip on a banana peel and casually fall down a flight of stairs? It's always the times you want to the look the coolest that you end up doing something so mortifying you're still cringing about it on your deathbed. But you're not alone.

Thanks to several fascinating AskReddit threads, here are 23 people who've been betrayed by their buddies, bodies, and brains when in the vicinity of the person who made their heart flutter (and then made them walk into a manhole).


1. Unfortunately, nepbook learned nothing from Stacy in Wayne's World.

showing off on my bike, turned to see if she was watching. ran directly into a parked van. she was watching.

2. Blichgow made a great first impression on his crush's parents.

Was 15, talked to this girl a lot. Asked her out, we got dinner went to a movie. Had a great night with her. So walked her home and went for a kiss, I was pretty small so I had to stand on my toes. I slipped, it was snowing. So I fell forward, on my way down trying to get hold of something I pulled her pants down. Now we are both falling. I broke my nose and she had a concussion and was passed out. So I call 911. Meanwhile her parents come outside.

Had to look weird. She was laying on her back with her pants on her knees and im panicking calling 911 while bleeding all over her.

Something worked out though. Still together after 10 years.


3. Happiness proved to be gendres' downfall.

In middle school this guy I had crushed on all year passed me a note asking for my number. I gave it to him and was floating on cloud nine until the end of class. The bell rang and I shot up to run go find my best friend to tell her how excited I was. I was the first to the door and I opened it. My foot caught the door, then I hit myself in the face with the corner of the door cutting my eyebrow, lip, and cheek in a beautiful straight line down my face.

He was the one that helped me to the nurse's office and I felt like dying the entire way there.


4. Mewmew2792's approach may have been a bit aggressive.

I accidentally hit my crush in the eye with a golf ball (chipped his cheek bone) when I was 13. He wouldn't talk to me after that. I don't blame him.

5. At least Natrocks_810 wasn't going commando.

8th grade playing kickball, as it went over the fence and I went to fetch it. I thought it was a good idea to use this opportunity to "look cool" and hop over the fence effortlessly like I had seen on the movies...well it didn't go so well. While my crush was waiting and watching along with everyone else on the field, my pants got caught on the fence and and ripped. Everyone was able to indulge in a nice view of Joe Boxer smiley face underwear. Needless to say I was embarrassed and laughed at for the rest of the day.


6. Sqwalnok took chivalry a bit too far.

I was sitting next to her outside. A wasp flew past.. i swung at it. SLAP right on her arm. I'll never forget the look of "what the fuck are you doing?" on her face

7. Macgalver had some unwanted drama.

I was 16 and in drama club. The afterschool activity mucked with my poop schedule so I was constantly gassy. One day I was laying on the bleachers in class and my crush was making me laugh hysterically. Then, I let out a fart sounding like a T-Rex. It reverberated against me and the plastic bleachers - DOUBLE CHAINSAW FART. Everyone in the room froze. The world went in gross slow motion. Thankfully, the guy started laughing and said "what was that? Girls can't fart so I have no idea what that was!"


8. Cor_cordis suffered a very minor setback.

While walking next to her, I walked into a telephone pole and broke my nose.

9. Agent1108 had the right idea, but lost it somewhere in the execution.

I was in grade 1 and I really liked this girl, so I bought a plastic flower bouquet from Walmart and threw it at her face, then ran away.

10. IAMA_MAGIC_8BALL_AMA should have looked into getting better friends.

I was outside talking with her after school while waiting for my mom to pick me up, then my asshole of a friend ran up "HEY man thanks again for that rash ointment you recommended, really did the trick <thumbs up>"


11.Callmelou played it super cool.

Yesterday I was parking my car while he was walking through the lot. We waved at each other. I proceeded to back into the AC unit of his building.

12. ​Ygmt0212 got a little closer than is normally considered appropriate.

i was tying my shoe whilst talking to them and somebody pushed me from behind and I fell face first into his crotch. 8th grade was brutal man.

13. Magnificentpineapple learned firsthand the dangers of modern technology.

I was texting him, and my phone did something weird...took a picture of myself by mistake and ended up sending it to him. Awful pic, you could see right up my nose.

14. Sammy_tot is just the victim of a strong gag reflex.

I threw up on him while giving him a blowjob.


15. Blair-s had "mommy brain" without being a mommy.

I'd been babysitting my niece who was just being potty trained that entire weekend and when he came and sat down beside me in class and asked where the teacher was I meant to say "Went to the bathroom." and instead my brain made it "Went potty." He gave me the weirdest look and I was too embarrassed to explain myself.

16. Queen_crow provided yet another example of how gym class is evil.

In middle school I was in a co-ed PE class with my crush who was in the year above me. We were stretching at the beginning of class, in total silence, and I farted. It was sooo loud, and it echoed around the gym. :(


17. MisterMooMoos just needed to find a girl with more adventurous taste.

My and my friends were being stupid and got temporary tattoos of cute kittens and put them on our nipples. So the next day in the halls of school I lifted to my shirt to show one of my friends who couldn't make it, while displaying my cat nips I notice that the girl I fancied was staring at me like some kind of freak. I put my shirt down and power walked away.

Fuckin cat nips.

18. A_satty fell for a jerk. A funny jerk, maybe, but a jerk nonetheless.

I tried to write her a note asking if she liked me, she returned it with red marking that pointed out my spelling and grammar errors. I am sure she is a redditor today.


19. Sakashi might have liked living, loving, and laughing too much.

I once laughed so hard I peed myself. That's pretty fucking embarrassing. I then had to walk home in wet pants to shower and change.

20. Shesbabycrazy passed out at the very sight of her crush. Sort of.

I dropped my keys in the locker area of work. I bent down to pick them up, and snapped up quickly because he walked in, and I thought my underwear was showing. I snapped up so quickly that I hit my head on the locker above mine and knocked myself out. I woke up on the way to the hospital in the back of an ambulance that he had called for me. I had to get a tetanus shot because the metal locker lacerated my head.


21. Ellajo15 was just too excitable.

I was telling a story in a circle of people with him in it. I gesture a lot when I talk, and I inadvertently punched a girl in the face. He laughed at me forever.

22. Mdusekemdmc made a total rookie mistake.

Pretend to read a book while he was walking by ,and he told me that I hold that book upside-down.

23. Catsandcookies shared too much, too soon.

Somewhat related: Most embarrassing thing I've down with my current boyfriend. After sex, I was sitting up, straddling him and I FARTED. It was just a tiny toot, but it was funny sounding and I was SITTING ON HIM NAKED. I catapulted off of him and ran from the room, he couldn't stop laughing and chased me down.

Edit: (We were newly dating so I'm counting it as embarrassment in front of a crush).