Don't worry, it's not just you: a study out of the University of Graz in Austria covered by New York Magazine found that people rate narcissists as more attractive and dateable. And yes, those people likely don't learn from their mistakes either.

Don Draper, textbook narcissist.
Don Draper, textbook narcissist.

The scientists at the University of Graz, led by Emanuel Jauk, published a study on speed dating in the European Journal of Psychology that gathered 90 people for 691 dates (hehe).

The Austrian singles filled out a sheet after a three minute chill sesh rating the person by physical attractiveness, and how much they'd like to pursue a short-term relationship (like a one-night stand or most millennial rendezvous) or a good, old fashioned, long-term courtship. In either case, they would acknowledge if they wanted to see that person again, which the psychologists call "actual mate choice."

Sources: h/t Science of Us