Dating is tough, and it's definitely not any easier if you're a 19-year-old Lord of the Rings fan who tries to use The Secret to get girls. Redditor Alricson shared his story on the "Today I Fucked Up" subreddit, along with some wise dating advice: the best way to find a date is to be married first. Here is how the saga unfolded, and yes, it as nearly as epic as the Lord of the Rings (well, maybe just the less exciting parts where they walk really far for a really long time).

It all started when his best friend gave him a ring in a totally non-romantic way (right?).

I was always a big fan of Lord of the Rings as a kid. In fact, that’s how Sam and I met and became best friends in elementary school. Last week, I had my birthday. Sam got me a cheap, metallic, gold-plated ring. Now, most people never remember my birthday, let alone get me a gift, so I was pretty happy – even if Sam only got me it cause, “Every aspect of you reminds me of Gollum, I had to.” I still am genuinely happy, even though I’m not sure if Sam was just being a dick.