Rebaneilwe, a 19-year old from South Africa, stunned Twitter with her brilliant advice/ultimate revenge fantasy.

She stumbled across a tweet by Twitter user @Bonnntle, which got people brainstorming.

Rebaneilwe chimed in with the ultimate answer.


Twitter was immediately impressed by this brilliant idea—the pettiness and the preparation—and the tweet went viral. People responded with all sorts of pictures.


But some found it more diabolical than petty.

"Shady things have happened to me. Men have deceived me many times so I’ve become a little more petty," Rebaneilwe explained to The Huffington Post.


Rebaneilwe told BuzzFeed that while she's currently in a committed relationship, she's been hurt before. "I was more sad, cried-myself-to-sleep kind of thing," she said of her break up. But when it comes to bad relationships, she's "never letting it happen again!"

In addition to the clever clapback, Rebaneilwe has some real advice: "If your partner is unfaithful, leave — The trust is broken. Let go, as hard as it may be."

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed