Married people share the harmless thing about their spouse they absolutely hate. Don't tell.

Married people share the harmless thing about their spouse they absolutely hate. Don't tell.

Marriage is, ideally, a lifelong commitment to love and cherish one another, and live with each other under one roof, day in and day out. On one hand, it's like having a roommate that loves you and has sex with you. On the other hand, a spouse is bound to have little quirks or habits that will irritate the hell out of the other person. Here are some married people on Reddit who revealed the thing their spouse does that they hate… but which they will never, ever mention out of respect and love.


1. iateallthereeses is with a guy who's a little too open about stuff.

He leaves any and all doors/drawers open after getting what he needs out of them. Kitchen cabinets, the dishwasher, the microwave, bathroom vanity, closets, dressers, night stands.. I can always tell whether or not he's home when I walk through the front door. It will look like our kitchen is about to be ransacked.


2. watch_over_me is hungry. So very hungry.

"What do you want to eat?"

"I don't care."

"Okay, I'll grab some subs then."

"I don't want subs..."

"Okay, then what do you want?"

"I don't care."

This goes on every time we don't have time to cook, or don't have anything to cook.

3. How can drjankowska deal with the inexcusable offense of coffee wasting?


He never finished his coffee, so there's always a half drunk coffee on the table. Sometimes a few if he hasn't put the mugs in the kitchen. I've asked him why, and he says it's because it gets cold too fast. Tried smaller coffees. Still does it.

4. There are bits and pieces of sas2506's husband she just can't stand.

My husband leaves the last bit of anything in a jar or container. On purpose. Like, not enough margarine to spread on a single bit of bread. Or a single grape. FUCKING EAT IT OR BIN IT.


5. "Screw it!" - not d00d3r1n022's wife.

My wife doesnt screw the top back on the bottle of..... anything. Everything with a lid is a potential bomb.

6. The_Young_Celt gets to the point.

My wife is the absolute worst story teller ever. She is so smart and funny, but my goodness, her stories go on forever. She takes a story that should take 2 minutes to tell and turns it into a 25 minute story with EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that actually happened.


7. Hybridmomentsx is going to have to listen to this whole article probably.

Every time we are driving by an outdoor mall or anywhere with a lot of store fronts, he will read every. Single. Store. Out. Loud. Every time.

8. FunkamoidFlex's wife has the best superpower ever, though.


My wife has an eye disorder that makes all cat puke completely invisible, regardless of its size or location in the room. It will sit there until I pick it up. And then when I pick it up she says, "oh I didn't see that!"

9. Horrorllama is married to a guy whose behavior is really socky.

When my husband takes off his socks he leaves them balled up and in the hamper they go. If they are missed when getting put in the wash and then dried they stay wet and it makes me irrationally angry. I said some thing early in our relationship a few times and 9 years later the socks are still balled up.


10. HellOnHighHeels94 is probably gonna find the engagement ring in the laundry.

We're not married but he leaves nearly everything he owns in his pockets when he puts his shorts/jeans in the washing machine

11. MedicalRX_Solutions doesn't care for the motion in his lotion.

There is a bottle of face lotion in the medicine cabinet... the way my wife puts it in there the nozzle faces into the cabinet so you have to take it out to use it. Everyday after a shower I pick it up, turn it so the nozzle points out, and I can just press down and use it while it's on the shelf. Everyday is back to facing the other way. I don't even mention it as it makes me laugh so hard how small and silly, and likely absent minded, it is.


12. Looks like every night in the bedroom for FuturePigeon is Netflix and chili.

Drives me insane that he eats in bed. Not snacks, but full fucking meals. Spaghetti in bed. Chinese food in bed. Sushi IN BED. I freak out that he's going to spill something all over and I'm going to have to wake up to help him change the sheets again. He's a buck forty soaking wet so I don't even know where it goes.


13. He's just making room, Seaflapflap1.

I give a 10 min and 5 min warning before I put dinner on the table. Yet, the minute I say dinner is ready, he has to poop. Every single day. I'm learning to tell him dinner is ready at the 5 minute mark so that he is ready when dinner is.

14. This dude annoys darkness_incarnate and everybody else at the theater.


That he talks constantly about any movie or show we're watching.

"Who's that?" "What's happening?" "Are they gonna die?" "Is that the bad guy?"


Pisses me off so much, but really harmless in the grand scheme of our relationship.

15. fruitjerky just can't roll with it.

Every time he puts on a new toilet paper roll, he does it upside down. I flip it over every time. Sixteen years and counting.


16. HotelBarista will be pleased to be on this list, should her phone ever turn up.

He always moves my things. My shampoo or conditioner in the shower are never where they're suppose to be. Why do you have to move it? What are you doing that it needs to be moved around? Babe where are my new shoes? You haven't seen them? Three months later I find them in a suitcase in the closet. Babe where did that bill go that I paid last week? When we were moving I found like 10 paid but not filed away bills in a shoe box shoved all the way under the bed.


17. Have you caught wind of uetani's story?

My wife's farts. Oh god.