The inescapable truth of human nature is that we are all at our absolute worst while parallel parking.

No relationship, no matter how loving, is safe from the hellish monsters all humans morph into while trying to slip their cars into a curbside spot. That's why I've prepared this basic, turn-by-turn guide for the harsh reality of parallel parking with your significant other.

1. Selecting the parking spot.

Choosing the spot is a vital step because it sets the tone for the type of fight you are about to have—and you are about to have a fight. It can be tempting to select your own space but it's important to go for the one your boyfriend just indicated by helpfully screaming “there's a spot!!" fifty feet too late. Even if you have your eyes on a space up ahead that would fit like a glove, go around the block and take the spot he found. Using his selection will give you an upper hand in the fight you don't realize has already begun.