11 people whose moms really, really want them to find love.

11 people whose moms really, really want them to find love.

Just like real life, social media is full of people whose moms want them to find a partner. Specifically, a partner the mom loves too, and sometimes a partner the mom has already picked out based on a young man's kindness in a grocery store checkout line.

So enjoy these 11 people whose moms really want them to put a ring on it—or have a ring put on it. Nothing would make them happier.

1. This mom helpfully tagged her daughter when she reposted a guy's new profile pic.


2. This kid's got the ultimate wingmom. It's all about persistence.


3. A grandma never misses a well-timed opportunity to nudge for love.

Under a sweet card that says, "Wishing you every good thing the season has to offer. MERRY CHRISTMAS," grandma writes helpfully, "When are you going to get married? Love, grandma."

4. Some moms just care about the important things in life.


5. Some moms jump at any opportunity.

6. Here's a mom who lets autocorrect speak on her behalf.

Damn You Autocorrect

7. A vigilant mom keeps an eye out all the time.


8. Others are just waiting for the right moment to bring it up.


9. And others become your own personal Tinder.

10. Well, at least this mom knows a good place to start.

11. And some moms just get it.