People confess the pettiest reasons they broke up with a significant other.

People confess the pettiest reasons they broke up with a significant other.

Have you ever broken things off with a date for petty reasons? It's okay, we've all done it. Try as we might to be open and non-judgmental, sometimes our human nature takes over. Sometimes we just cannot get over people who chew their food too loud or don't like The Lego Movie. (Just me?)

Well, good news, petty humans. We are not alone. A recent AskReddit thread asked users to reveal the pettiest reasons they broke up with a significant other. Here are 12 of the best responses.

1. As someone who once had a roommate tell me I was boiling water wrong, I get why MouthOfTheGiftHorse couldn't date this person.

There was one who told me I was cutting green peppers the wrong way... I was doing it a way that Gordon Ramsay does it, but with fewer steps.

He cuts the entire top off, then the entire bottom, while I cut a side off, then another side so it trims closer to the stem while keeping the core intact so you don't have to pick seeds out of it. What she didn't like was the fact that I cut long strips from the sides, then rotated them and diced them. I was making my own recipe that required pieces of a specific size. I let her cut a pepper just to see what she thought was right, and she more or less butchered the entire thing. We went our separate ways a week later.

2. weasel999 has no patience for crimes of fashion.

He tucked his sweater into his jeans.

3. Chase_Baldwin just couldn't move past this.

He once came with his eyes open and crossed. Just really freaked me out. I could never get the picture of his face out of my mind after that.

4. Corn dogs are extremely important to tigrovna.

I broke up with a guy because he ate all of my corn dogs. I was working a 12 hour shift (he refused to get a job), and all through my shift I was just excited that I could go home and eat a corn dog. That mf and his friends ate all 24 corn dogs within the 12 hours while I was working. They had previously done this with my Digornio's and lunch meat, but this was on another level. Don't mess with my corn dogs.


As one commenter pointed out, the corn dogs were more important than the fact that the guy was unemployed.

Over corn dogs?! I would have broken it off over not getting a job

5. ChubbyBlackWoman's story is proof that grammar is important.

He kept saying, "I seen," in this pompous voice that seemed to suggest he was using correct grammar. That got old quickly.

6. Let abs1337's story be a reminder that it's okay to text in normal sentences.

'cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):) :p:p:p:p =))))))

7. If you're going to chew with your mouth open or be mean to waiters, you're not going to date mattman1014.

Chewing your food with your mouth open. Instant no-go. Walked out of a date once, the girl was chewing like a goddamn barn animal (she was also being a horrid bitch to our server).


8. All it took for Union5-3992 to back out was some eyebrow makeup.

She was a knockout and was interested in me. But she did this weird makeup on her eyebrows that made them look an inch and a half thick so I said no.

9. Let's hope one day 37-pieces-of-flair will find their salad soulmate.

Broke up with a guy because the way he ate salad made me uncomfortable. He was pretty much attacking it, chewing with a lot of fervor, and watching me while he ate.

10. the_dove_from_above is trying to overcome some cultural differences.

I'm English and my current girlfriend doesn't like tea. I'm seriously considering ending it over this.


11. __DeadFool___ didn't know what he was getting himself into when he got married.

I'm married and if i had known that my wife doesn't put window latches all the way down when closing a window, i might just be single right now

12. Honestly, wontonudal, this would be enough to ruin even the strongest relationships.

Will probably die in all these comments but in middle school I broke up with a girl because she erased my pokemon save file