Maybe you've been filmed having sex, or maybe you've just sent a guy some nudes of yourself, and are now questioning whether or not letting the guy have those clips and pics was the best idea.

Well, don't worry, you can rest assured that…he might be showing his friends. Come on, did you expect any better? Here, people in the AskMen subreddit explain what on Earth made them (or other guys) show racy stuff to their friends. Grab some popcorn—you'll need something to throw at the computer screen while reading this.


1. Benjireturns says sometimes the guys feel close enough to some friends that they share everything (and compare). Wonderful.

Personally, that's something I take very seriously and would never (and have never) shared. Hoowwwwever, there are plenty of guys on the other side of the track, too, and many of whom I've known. They aren't all mean spirited guys, some of them have just had friends close enough they feel like they can share that stuff with. I know a group of guys that have all shared videos of their girlfriends around and have talked at length about what the girls would do and compare. On the other hand, my current (main) group of friends would never share any of that information, as that's incredibly private and they/we feel it would be shitty to share. It depends on the guy. For your personal health, sanity, and safety, I would highly recommend not letting anyone video you if other people seeing them would make you uncomfortable unless you're in a stable and long term relationship.


2. Jordan-S clarifies that he wouldn't send it to his friends, but showing them in person is entirely fine.

I would show in person but would never send it to anyone.

3. O9I8U says it has to do with how much respect the dude has for you, and also possibly his age, because younger men tend to be more immature (duh).

Does he have any respect for you at all? If not, then his friends probably have seen the vids. Shit, a guy I knew who'd been with his GF for 4 years still showed me her nudes, and a few other guys as well.

Basically, it's a maybe, but its more likely if he doesn't see you as something long term or important. Also if he's young.


4. Tortoli makes it sound like most men basically look at NOTHING BUT nudes of other dudes' girlfriends, all day, every day.

For context, I'm in my early twenties. I'm sorry to say, but I'm having a hard time thinking of any guy friend that has nudes that hasn't shown them to at least another buddy (not saying they show everyone). The ones that I know don't engage in this, is because they don't have any to show.

I would imagine that this behaviour wanes off as we grow older/become more serious with our girls, but unfortunately for now, this is the reality I've witnessed.

5. H-cho used to, but has since amended his childish ways.

I used to sometimes when i was in my teens/early 20s since i was an asshole. i dont anymore because its kind of fucking rude.


6. For beetnemesis, it all comes down to hot and spicy the action was. So ladies, always try to be boring when you're fooling around on film.

Generally not, but sometimes, if it (or you) was exceptionally hot, or something interesting happened. Also a little more likely if you're just someone from the past, compared to an active relationship.

That said, usually not. It's kind of weird, "Hey who wants to see my cum?" Doesn't come up in conversation much.

7. PrivetKalashnikov shares nude photos and videos with his best friend, but only if they're of girls he's never dated (like one night stands). How noble!

I'll personally share photos and videos with my best friend but only of girls I never dated, one night stands and the like are fair game.


8. OMGImTriggered agrees with O9I8U about the respect aspect, and seems to blame women for being gullible enough to believe he wouldn't show it.

Fuck yeah guys share. Ive had friends show me so many nudes. Women dont seem to understand, if you send out a nude, there is a pretty good chance its been seen by other people. I don't even ask to see them.

I've noticed, the less a guy respects a girl, the more apt he is to share pics.

"check out this girl ive been messing around with."

9. Myshieldsforargus doesn't even bother with friends.

I just put it on pornhub

10. Smaksandewand works with That Guy. You know That Guy, right? Everybody has That Guy somewhere in their lives.

I have this co-worker who (always!) slips in a nudy on his wife when showing pics on any subject and it is simply disgusting!


The general consensus in the rest of the thread, not included in this post, is that A. most men don't share sexy videos and pictures, but some do, and B. it's generally easy to tell which guys are the type to do it, so watch out for anyone super douchey. Even if you can't help yourself and must hook up with immature jerks, just don't let them film or photograph it. Oh, and C. no matter who you're hooking up with, it's probably best to try to keep your head out of nude photos so that even if they are shared, you can't be identified. Or just don't film or photograph explicit stuff at all. OR you could just give up on men entirely. Seems like a good idea to me.