13 guys who immediately regretted something they texted to girls.

13 guys who immediately regretted something they texted to girls.

Sending a sext (or a picture of one’s genitals) can be a bold gesture, and with that risk comes the very distinct possibility, if not probability, that the person on the receiving end is not going to like having received that sext. At that point, you’ve got two options: 1) own it and apologize and move on, or 2) pathetically act like you were kidding and have no one believe you.

1. A load of bull.

He's a thoughtful, sensitive guy, unlike his

2. Never were more bets hedged.

"But if you don't then I was kidding LOL."

3. No way was it even close to April.

He pranked her so hard with his raw emotion.

4. At least she cut him off before he said anything really embarrassing.

His mum texted back the same thing.

5. Peter, Peter, pride eater.

And so she did ignore that and things were never, ever, ever weird.

6. Complimenting dimples is way weirder anyway.

The iPhone does not recognize made up slang words like "dimples."

7. Alpha male.

But she won his approval, anyway. CONGRATULATIONS.

8. Stupid unconscious brain.

Nothing he could say is as creepy as that emoji.

9. "If you change your mind / I'll be first in line…"

Charlie, you imaginary perverted rascal, you!


10. Just, like, hypothetically speaking.


11. It was a short video.

SO random.

12. Those darn hackers.

Hackers always strike when it's New Year's and you're feeling uninhibited.

13. Or just blame autocorrect.

Damn you, fingers typing thing I didn't mean to say but totally meant!